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Over the years the range of Uniview cameras has improved dramatically. From humble beginnings with simple CCTV cameras, Uniview has grown to a global leader for a wide range of security systems. At Hilton Security we don’t install dodge sub-par security cameras as they don’t deliver a good image and don’t last. Investing in a good security camera system is investing in your home and businesses safety, it’s not worth risking it to save a few dollars. 

Uniview security cameras have a global supply and deliver some of the best performance in the industry. If you’re looking for a good security camera system that will last you for years to come, then Uniview is a great choice for you.

Why Uniview are a good choice

Uniview Security Camera Packages

3MP Budget Security
Camera Packages

Supplied & Installed from $1179

If you’re looking for basic security camera functionality and want to save some money then our basic range is perfect for you. They may not have the flashy features of our other camera but they will still work reliably and get the job done.

5MP Light Hunter Security
Camera Packages

Supplied & Installed from $1399

Using the latest technology the Uniview lighthunter range is able to create amazing image clarity in poorly lit environments. If you need CCTV for areas which are dimly lit then these cameras are for you!

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