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3MP Budget Security
Camera Packages

Supplied & Installed from $1,179

If you’re looking for basic security camera functionality and want to save some money then our basic range is perfect for you. They may not have the flashy features of our other camera but they will still work reliably and get the job done.

5MP Light Hunter Security
Camera Packages

Supplied & Installed from $1,399

Using the latest technology the Uniview lighthunter range is able to create amazing image clarity in poorly lit environments. If you need CCTV for areas which are dimly lit then these cameras are for you!

6MP Smart Security
Camera Packages

Supplied & Installed from $1,699

WizSense is a series of AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm to focus on human and vehicle activity with high accuracy, enabling users to fast act on defined targets.

Business & home security camera systems supplied & installed for one price

We service the entire Perth Metro area. When you book your CCTV installation a licensed electrician will come to your home or business at a fixed time so there is no waiting around.

We will install your security camera system and clean up any mess created. Once the installation is complete we will provide you with the training needed to run your new CCTV system.

When it comes to security camera installation it’s important you choose a company you can trust. Rated 4.8 stars, with over 30 reviews, Hilton Security is a company you can depend on to do the job right. If you’re unsure of what CCTV package is right for you please call our friendly team on 1300 TRADIES and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

Smart Cameras

Check out our smart security
camera packages

A licensed & professional Perth CCTV installation team

With the experience to get the job done right first time, every time

We supply and install the best value CCTV systems in Perth. Our security camera packages give you everything you need to protect your home and business. All of our workmanship is guaranteed and is carried out by a licensed electrician. We use the trusted brands of Dahua and Uniview for all of our security camera installations. Our CCTV camera system installation is done using the highest quality materials ensuring your home security cameras last you for years to come.

Need a custom security camera package? Call us for a free quote!

We don't compromise on quality or pricing

Security camera installations can be very confusing. There is the mega pixels, frame rate, compression, AI, storage and network video recorders which all need to meet your needs. As your mate in the trade, we have put this together into easy to understand security camera installation packages. This comes with a price to supply and install so you know how much it will cost you.

Entry level packages will give you everything you need for standard cctv surveillance. If you’re looking for more advanced features such as AI and better video quality at night, you will want to take a look our advanced home security camera packages. We can customise any package to your needs, just give us a quick call and we’ll give you free quote.

Security Camera FAQs

The cost to have security cameras installed in your home or property depends on the side of the property, what areas you want to cover and the security camera brand. The team at Hilton Electrical can help you plan out your security camera system and find the best cameras for your requirements. Speak to Hilton Electrical today to book a meeting.

When speaking about wireless security cameras, it generally means that the data transmitted from the camera to monitor is wireless, while the cameras still need to be powered by a wire. Therefore, it’s recommended that you hire a qualified electrician to plan and install your new security camera system.

Security cameras can be installed on your Perth property, however, there are a few guidelines you should follow such as not pointing it into your neighbour’s property. To correctly plan out your security camera system and visibility, speak to a qualified electrician from Hilton Electrical.

Installing a security camera system is usually completed in three steps; planning, installation and testing. We recommend speaking to an electrician from Hilton Electrical to go through these steps and effectively plan out your new security camera system.

Security cameras are best put on residential and commercial properties at height to cover a wider distance. It’s important that your security cameras at bare minimum have vision of the main entry points to your property. Effectively plan your security camera system with Hilton Electrical.

Licensed & experienced
Don't trust your security to just anyone!

When it comes to your home and business security it’s important you choose a business you can trust. Hilton Security is a company you can depend on to do the job right. We only supply quality products and our team of licensed technicians have very tight quality control procedures so you can rest assured that your security system will be the best quality and installed to the highest standards.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late before securing your home and business. Every 30 minutes a home is burgled in Perth. The best time to invest in security is right now! Call us today for a free quote.

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